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Israel Adesanya Workout Routine & Diet

Israel Adesanya is one of the most dominant middleweight UFC champions and a very popular professional mixed martial artist.

He gained fame for his exceptional skills and achievements in the sport. Adesanya is known for his precision striking, agility, and diverse fighting style.

Israel Adesanya’s magnetic personality, impressive technical skills, and captivating displays in the octagon have earned him widespread popularity among fans and fellow athletes.

In addition to his success in mixed martial arts, Israel Adesanya is admired for his exceptional physical fitness.

This article will cover Israel Adesanya workout routine and diet, so you can get an idea of how hard he trains to become a champion.

Israel Adesanya Stats

NicknameThe Last Stylebender
Age33 years
Height6 feet 4 inches (193 cm)
Weight84 kg (185 lbs)
Date of BirthJuly 22, 1989
ProfessionProfessional Boxer, Kickboxer, and Mixed Martial Arts Player

Israel Adesanya Workout Routine

Israel Adesanya trains six days a week and takes one rest day for proper rest and recovery. Here is Adesanya’s complete workout routine.

Day 1: Arms and Shoulders

Standing cable fly4 10-12
Barbell Deadlift4 6-8
Pec deck machine4 10-15
Wide grip lat pulldown4 8-10
Dumbbell chest fly4 10-12
Dumbbell row4 10-15
Incline smith machine bench press4 10-12
Hyperextension4 10-15
Barbell Bench press4 8-10
Close grip cable row4 10-12

Day 2: Agility Workout

Box jump310-12
High knee – running315-20
Dot drill310-12
Shuttle runs315
Lateral plyometric jump310-15
L drill35

Day 3: Chest and Back

Standing cable fly4 10-12
Barbell Deadlift4 6-8
Pec deck machine4 10-15
Wide grip lat pulldown4 8-10
Dumbbell chest fly4 10-12
Dumbbell row4 10-15
Incline smith machine bench press4 10-12
Hyperextension4 10-15
Barbell Bench press4 8-10
Close grip cable row4 10-12

Day 4: Explosive Workout

Long box jumps3 4-8
Ravers3 15-25
Dumbbell jerk4 8-10
Frog squat jump4 8-15
Sanding triple jump3 4-8
Plate jump4 8-12

Day 5: Legs

Lying leg curl4 10-15
Standing calf raise machine4 15-20
Dumbbell Romanian deadlift4 10-12
Seated leg extension4 10-15
Barbell squat4 8-12

Day 6: Speed Workout

High to low drill4
Sit to jump4
Fast feet drill4
Single leg hop4
Single leg band jumps4
Around the cone drill4

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Training Styles

Israel Adesanya’s training style includes a combination of sparring, shadowboxing, wrestling, and running to optimize his performance in the ring.

1. Sparring Techniques: Adesanya utilizes bag work and focus mitts to enhance punching power, hand speed, and accuracy. He also incorporates free weights for muscle building.

2. Shadowboxing: A regular part of his routine, shadowboxing improves endurance, form, coordination, and helps burn calories. It’s a valuable warm-up exercise before bag work or focus mitts.

3. Wrestling: Adesanya embraces wrestling to develop positional switches and grappling skills. It provides excellent cardio training and enhances overall fighting abilities.

4. Running: Adesanya prioritizes long runs for cardiovascular fitness and agility, enabling him to stay light on his feet during fights.

Workout Principle

Israel Adesanya’s unique strength lies in his wide range of techniques that can be used in different ways with different results. That’s why he is also called The Last Stylebender.

As a fighter, his main focus is to improve his performance inside the ring, so he constantly switches between different training styles like sparring, shadowboxing, and wrestling to improve his performance.

Moreover, Israel Adesanya follows a very intense workout routine. His workout routine includes a combination of strength, explosive, agility, and speed training.

He devotes three alternate days to his strength training sessions, covers all major muscle groups, and does about five exercises for each muscle group.

On other days, he works on his speed, agility, and explosive training.

Israel Adesanya Diet

The Israel Adesanya Diet incorporates a variety of nutritious and flavorful ingredients, offering a balanced approach to fueling the body.

He adds fruits like bananas and strawberries to his diet, which provide essential vitamins and minerals. He also enjoys adding a touch of indulgence with chocolate chips and overnight oats for a satisfying breakfast.

Meal 2 introduces a protein-packed pancake with bacon, eggs, and bananas, delivering a combination of protein, fats, and carbohydrates.

For dinner, Adesanya opts for delicious options like teriyaki chicken with rice and potatoes, honey-bbq chicken with wild rice, and chicken with sweet chili served alongside wild rice.

These meals, included in his Diet, offer quality lean proteins, whole grains, and vegetables.

Overall, Adesanya’s diet focuses on balancing macronutrients, flavors, and ensuring an adequate intake of vitamins and minerals. It’s a well-rounded approach to supporting his training and overall health.

Here is Israel Adesanya 5 meal Diet Plan:

Meal 1:

  • Bananas
  • Strawberries,
  • Chocolate chips
  • Overnight oats

Meal 2:

  • Protein pancake with chocolate chips
  • Bacon
  • Bananas
  • Eggs

Meal 3:

  • Teriyaki chicken
  • Rice
  • Potatoes

Meal 4:

  • Honey-bbq chicken
  • Wild rice

Meal 5:

  • Wild rice
  • Chicken with sweet chilli


In conclusion, Israel Adesanya stands out as a dominant UFC champion with exceptional skills, a captivating fighting style, and widespread popularity.

His workout routine combines various training styles, including sparring, shadowboxing, wrestling, running, strength, speed, and agility training.

Coupled with a balanced diet plan, Adesanya’s dedication to fitness and his remarkable achievements make him a true champion in and out of the octagon.

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