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Jason Statham Workout Routine & Diet Plan

Jason Statham is famous for his amazing physical fitness, and it clearly shines through in his action-packed performances. Statham’s dedication to training and athleticism has earned him a title of one of the most impressive and well-regarded action heroes of our time.

He first gained recognition with his role as Frank Martin in the “Transporter” series, showcasing his impeccable driving skills and combat abilities.

Statham’s portrayal of the relentless hitman, Arthur Bishop, in “The Mechanic” further solidified his reputation as an action hero.

He is also widely recognized for his role as Deckard Shaw in the “Fast & Furious” franchise.

So, do you ever wonder how he trains? Then we’ve got you covered. This article will cover Jason Statham’s workout routine and diet plan that keep him fit even after crossing the age mark of 55.

Jason Statham Stats

Age55 years
Height5 feet 10 inches (178 cm)
Weight84 kg (185 lbs)
Date of BirthJuly 26, 1967

Jason Statham Workout Routine

Jason Statham follows a rigorous six-day workout routine. His workout routine is very intense and high in volume, and it’s very different for a regular gym-goer.

He didn’t just go to the gym and lift weights; he integrated different training techniques into his workout routine, like Big Five 55 training, pyramid training, and interval training.

Below is Jason Statham’s 6-day workout schedule:

  • Day 1: Pyramid Circuit and Deadlift
  • Day 2: Static Hold and Big Five 55 Workout
  • Day 3: Interval Training Workout (Rowing and Boxing)
  • Day 4: Lower Body Training with Push-ups
  • Day 5: Cumulative Fatigue Training
  • Day 6: Contextual Workout Routine

Day 1: Pyramid Circuit and Deadlift

On day 1, Jason Statham follows a pyramid training routine where he gradually increases or decreases the weight or reps in each set, creating a pyramid-like pattern.

Warming up10 minutes on a rowing machine at a speed of 20 strokes/minute
PushupsBodyweight exercise targeting the chest, shoulders, and arms
Ring pull-upsPull-ups performed using gymnastic rings for upper body strength
Squats with bodyweight onlyLower body exercise targeting the quadriceps and glutes
Hanging leg raisesCore exercise involving hanging from a bar and lifting legs
Cooling down10 minutes freestyle aerial work on a gymnastic trampoline

Jason Statham Deadlift Workout

With pyramid training, Jason also hits the deadlift the same day and goes for his one rep max in the deadlift.

SetRepsWeight (pounds)Rest (minutes)

Day 2: Static Hold and Big Five 55 Workout

On day 2, Jason Statham follows a big five-to-55 training plan. He completes the first five exercises with 10 reps each and keeps the rest periods minimal. The session ends with a static hold.

Warming up10 minutes on a rowing machine at a speed of 20 strokes/minute
Flat bench chest pressExercise targeting the chest muscles using a flat bench and weights
Military press shoulder exerciseExercise targeting the shoulder muscles using a barbell or dumbbells
Dumbbell chest flysExercise targeting the chest muscles using dumbbells
Triceps press-downs with dumbbellExercise targeting the triceps using a cable machine and dumbbell
L-sit hold on dip barsCore exercise involving holding an L-shaped position on dip bars
Farmers hold with kettlebellGrip and forearm exercise involving holding kettlebells
Bodyweight squat holdLower body exercise involving holding a squat position
Cooling down10 minutes on a gymnastic trampoline

Day 3: Interval Training Workout (Rowing and Boxing)

On day 3, with boxing and rowing, Jason Statham engages in an interval training program to maximize calorie burn and improve cardiovascular fitness.

Front squats with weightsLower body exercise targeting the quadriceps and core muscles
Pull-upsUpper body exercise targeting the back and biceps
Decline pushupsPush-up variation targeting the chest and triceps
Power cleans with a barbellFull-body exercise focusing on explosive power and strength
Knee to elbowsCore exercise involving bringing knees to elbows in a hanging position

Day 4: Lower Body Training with Push-ups

Warmup: Rowing 2000mCardiovascular warmup exercise consisting of rowing for 2000 meters
Squats with bodyweight onlyLower body exercise targeting the quadriceps and glutes with bodyweight only
Front squats with 175lb weightBarbell exercise targeting the quadriceps and core with 175 pounds of weight
Stiff leg deadliftsHamstring and lower back exercise with varying weights and rest times
Reverse abs crunchesCore exercise involving reverse crunches for targeting the abdominal muscles
Cooling down: 200 pushupsPush-up exercise performed as a cooldown with a specific rep scheme

Day 5: Cumulative Fatigue Training

On day 5, Jason Statham engages in cumulative fatigue training, where he performs multiple sets with minimal rest, gradually increasing fatigue to target muscle endurance and metabolic conditioning.

Rope climbs5
Bear crawls (20 yards)5
Crab walks (20 yards)5
Front squats5
Medicine ball slams5
Rope pulls5
Flat bench press10
Medicine ball slams10
Medicine ball slams10
Medicine ball slams15
Rope pulls20
Medicine ball slams20

Day 6: Contextual Workout Routine

On the contextual workout routine, you can participate in any activity you enjoy as well as an activity that keeps you fit at the same time. This activity can be anything from swimming to hiking; you can do anything.

Jason Statham It’s trail running. He likes to go trail running for about an hour.

Day 7: Rest and Recovery

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Jason Statham Workout Principle

Since he was young, Jason has always been active, enjoying gymnastics and MMA. He also incorporates these moments into his workout routine.

In an interview with Men’s Health, Jason reveals that he prefers morning workouts to avoid making excuses about running out of time.

He works out six days a week, but he doesn’t just lift weights at the gym. Instead, he challenges himself with different training methods mentioned earlier.

His routine includes high-intensity exercises that keep his heart rate elevated.

Jason Statham Diet

Here is the Jason Statham diet plan that helps him recover from his intense workout routine.


  • Fresh Fruit
  • Oats
  • Poached Eggs


  • Brown Rice
  • Steamed Vegetables
  • Miso Soup


  • Peanut Butter
  • Nuts (Almonds, Cashews, Walnuts)


  • Lean Beef
  • Chicken
  • Fish
  • Salad


In conclusion, Jason Statham is renowned for his incredible physical fitness and action-packed performances.

He follows a rigorous workout routine that includes various training techniques like pyramid training, interval training, and Big Five 55 training. Jason incorporates his passion for gymnastics and MMA into his workouts.

He prefers morning workouts to stay disciplined and avoid excuses. Alongside his intense training, he follows a balanced diet consisting of fresh fruits, oats, lean meats, vegetables, and nuts.

Jason’s dedication to training and his high-intensity exercises contribute to his status as one of the most impressive action heroes of our time.

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