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Tom Cruise Workout Routine and Diet

If you also want to know the secret behind the legendary Tom Cruise’s fitness even at this age, then we’ve got you covered. This article will cover Tom Cruise Workout Routine and Dietthat keep him fit even at the age of 60.

Tom Cruise is famous for his exceptional acting skills and captivating on-screen presence. “Top Gun, the “Mission: Impossible” series, and “Jerry Maguire” are some of the blockbuster movies he was a part of, and he is highly admired and respected for the roles he played in these movies.

Cruise’s dedication to his craft extends beyond acting. Cruise is also known for his incredible fitness and daring stunts.

He fearlessly performs his own action sequences, pushing the boundaries and thrilling audiences.

His dedication to staying fit and maintaining his physicality has earned him admiration from fans and colleagues alike.

Beyond his professional achievements, Cruise is a role model for aspiring actors. His ability to consistently deliver memorable performances and remain at the top of the industry showcases his talent and strong work ethic.

Tom Cruise Stats

Full NameThomas Cruise Mapother IV
Age60 years
Height5 feet 7 inches (170 cm)
Weight150 lbs (68 Kg)
Date of BirthJuly 3, 1962
ProfessionActor and Producer

Tom Cruise Workout Routine

Tom Cruise workouts five days a week and Follows a push-pull-legs workout routine, but he does it in a split because on other days he participates in different activities that challenge him and also keep him fit at the same time.

Here is Tom Cruise’s Workout schedule.

  • Monday: Push Workout
  • Tuesday: Activities
  • Wednesday: Pull Workout
  • Thursday: Activities
  • Friday: Legs

Monday: Push Workout (Chest, Shoulders and Triceps)

Bench Press310
Dumbbell Kickbacks310
Dumbbell Shoulder Press310
Incline Press310
Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Front Raise310
Seated Dumbbell Tricep Overhead Extension310
Cable Chest Flys310

Tuesday: Sports Activities

Here are some different activities Tom Crusie uses as a workout to keep him fit and active.

  • Sea-Kayaking
  • Rock Climbing
  • Hiking
  • Jog or Treadmill
  • Swimming

Wednesday: Pull Workout (Back, Biceps and Traps)

Preacher Curls310
Barbell Shrugs310
Seated Dumbbell Hammer Curls310
Lateral Pulldowns310
Cable Rows310
Cable Shrugs310

Thursday: Sports Activities

On Thursday, he again participates in different activities to challenge him and keep him healthy at the same time.

Friday: Legs (Complete Lower Body)

Weighted Lunges310
Leg Press310
Cable Pull-throughs310
Hamstring Curl Machine310
Leg Extension Machine (Quads)310
Calf Raises310

Saturday: Rest and Recovery

Sunday: Rest and Recovery

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Tom Cruise Workout Principle

Tom Cruise hits the gym three days a week, where he follows a push-pull-legs workout routine.

Tom does most of his action stunts on his own, so he prepares himself for those stunts by participating in many sports activities like sea kayaking, rock climbing, hiking, and more.

This balance of strength, endurance, agility, flexibility, and flexibility makes him so fit and helps him look younger even at the age of 60.

Tom Cruise Diet

Not only does his participation in various sports activities contribute to his youthful appearance and attractiveness at this age, but his diet also plays a significant role in his fitness and appealing look.

He follows a calorie-deficit diet, which his dear friend David Beckham recommended. He consumes around 1200 calories per day, avoids processed foods, and sticks to three meals daily.

He keeps his carbohydrate intake low while prioritizing lean protein and incorporating plenty of green vegetables into his diet.

Here is Tom Cruise’s diet, including all the meals consumed by him throughout the day.

Meal 1:

  • Eggs
  • Oatmeal
  • Multi-Vitamins 

Meal 2: 

  • Chicken
  • Rice
  • Green Vegetables

Meal 3: 

  • Salmon
  • Green Salad 


Tom Cruise’s impressive fitness and youthful appearance at the age of 60 can be credited to his consistent workout routine and mindful diet.

His commitment to staying fit and engaging in various sports activities, combined with his push-pull-legs workout schedule, helps him maintain strength, endurance, and flexibility.

Following a calorie-deficit diet that focuses on lean protein and vegetables while avoiding processed foods further contributes to his overall fitness.

Tom Cruise serves as an inspiration, showing that with dedication and a balanced approach to exercise and nutrition, one can achieve remarkable physical fitness and age gracefully.

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