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Tom Brady (TB12) Workout Routine & Diet

Tom Brady (the greatest quarterback) is known for his work ethic, consistency, fitness, and very unique training approach.

Tom Brady holds many NFL records, including the most Super Bowl wins by a quarterback and the most passing touchdowns in NFL history.

All this success came through his constant dedication to the sport, even though he is retired. He was one of the top NFL players even after crossing the age mark of 40. This is because of his incredible fitness.

If you also want to know what Tom Brady’s unique approach to fitness is, then we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll discuss Tom Brady (TB12) workout routine and diet.

Tom Brady Stats

Age45 years
Height6 feet 4 inches (193 cm)
Weight102 kg (225 lbs)
Chest46 inches
Waist37 inches
Biceps16 inches

Tom Brady (TB12) Workout Routine

The Tom Brady workout, also known as the Tom Brady resistance band workout or TB12 workout, means he does not lift any kind of weight or do any compound exercises.

He just uses different types of resistance bands (handle bands, long looped resistance bands, and short looped resistance bands) to train his entire body.

Tom Brady utilizes the TB12 workout method to enhance his strength and conditioning. This workout session is highly intense, with minimal rest periods between exercises.

Upon completing his workouts, he incorporates flexibility and relaxation exercises. Furthermore, he engages in brain training through auditory and visual processing as well as mindfulness.

Below is Tom Brady’s (TB12) workout:

Banded Standing Row1-210
Banded Push-Up1-210
Banded Core Rotations1-210
Bicep Curl1-210
Banded Tricep Extension1-210
Deceleration Lunges1-210
Banded Shoulder Press1-210
X-Band Squat1-210

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Workout Principle

After eating his pre-workout meal, the first thing Tom Brady does is engage in a workout session.

He follows the TB12 method of training, which involves around nine exercises using various types of resistance bands.

Tom Brady and his coach, Alex Guerrero, developed the TB12 method together. This training approach is designed to minimize the risk of injuries.

We can see the effectiveness of this TB12 workout routine in Tom Brady’s game performances.

Even though he is now retired, he continues to follow the same TB12 method to maintain his fitness.

Tom Brady Diet

Tom Brady shares his strict approach to his diet in an interview with Men’s Health. He shared everything related to his diet. His super-high liquid intake.

He drinks about 12–25 glasses of water per day, which is justified compared to how he trains.

His chef claims his diet includes 80% vegetables and fruits and only 20% non-vegetarian items.

As he grew older, he didn’t restrict himself from cheat meals; he sometimes ate a piece of bacon or a slice of pizza.

His diet includes a bunch of fruits and vegetables. I can say It’s a very well-balanced diet—not anything fancy—but it might be boring for some individuals.

Below is Tom Brady’s Diet:

Meal 1: Pre-workout

  • Smoothie made of Berries and Banana

Meal 2: Breakfast

  • Eggs
  • Avocado

Meal 3: Lunch

  • Fish
  • Green Salad
  • Nuts

Meal 4: Evening Snack

  • Hummus
  • Nuts or guacamole

Meal 5: Dinner

  • Chicken
  • Roasted Vegetable


In conclusion, Tom Brady, the renowned quarterback, achieved great success through his unwavering work ethic, consistency, and unique training approach.

Holding numerous NFL records, including the most Super Bowl wins and passing touchdowns, Brady’s dedication to the sport remained steadfast even after his retirement.

His fitness played a vital role in his longevity as a top NFL player beyond the age of 40.

Brady’s TB12 workout routine, centered around resistance bands, along with his well-balanced diet, contribute to his exceptional physical condition. His legacy serves as an inspiration to athletes worldwide.

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