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Keanu Reeves Workout Routine and Diet

Keanu Reeves is a highly regarded Canadian actor known for his versatile roles in movies. People admire him for several reasons. Firstly, his genuine and humble personality has endeared him to fans worldwide.

Additionally, he is celebrated for his impressive acting skills, captivating performances, and dedication to his craft.

In terms of fitness and physique, Keanu maintains a lean and athletic appearance. While not particularly known for bulking up, he has showcased his physical capabilities through various action-packed roles, including his iconic portrayal of Neo in “The Matrix” series and John Wick in “John Wick” series.

In this article, you’ll get to know how Keanu Reeves prepares for his action-packed movies, as he does most of his action sequences on his own, even after crossing the age mark of 58.

We’ll discuss Keanu Reeves workout routine and diet, which will give you great insights about his healthy lifestyle.

Keanu Reeves Stats

Height6 feet 1 inch (186 cm)
Weightexact weight unknown (Appox 79 kg)
Date of BirthSeptember 2, 1964

Keanu Reeves Workout Routine

Keanu Reeves actively participates in performing most of his own action stunts and sequences.

To prepare for these intense scenes, he goes beyond traditional weightlifting and engages in various martial arts disciplines, including MMA, jujutsu, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, judo, and tactical shooting.

This extensive training contributed to his exceptional performances in movies like “The Matrix” and “John Wick.”

It’s important to note that Keanu also incorporates functional and strength training into his workout routine.

Twice a week, he performs circuit training, focusing on different muscle groups. Other days, he practices MMA and often takes time off from his busy schedule for proper rest and recovery.

His circuit consists of 10 exercises, with 15–20 reps for each exercise before moving on to the next. Typically, Keanu completes about 3–4 circuits.

Here is Keanu Reeves Circuit Workout Routine that he performs twice a week:

Band External Rotations315-20
Band Single-Arm Lateral Raises315-20
Wall Presses315-20
Single-leg balance with leg reaches315-20
Reverse Lunge Front DB Raise620
Bosu Lunge Shoulder Press620
Reverse-Step Resistance Band Row620
Squat with TRX Shoulder Iso-Hold620
Stability Ball Dynamic Plank620
Banded Lateral Walk Pallof Press620

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Keanu Reeves Diet

We can all agree that Keanu Reeves defies his age at 58 years old. His secret lies in leading a healthy lifestyle.

From a young age, he embraced regular workouts and follows a nutrient-rich diet to maintain his youthful appearance.

His diet mainly consists of clean, freshly prepared meals, steering clear of processed or junk food. Keanu practices portion control and avoids overeating, opting for small meals throughout the day.

His diet includes a balanced combination of protein, carbohydrates, and fats in appropriate proportions. Additionally, he prioritizes hydration by consuming plenty of fluids.

Here is Keanu Reeves Diet Plan:

Meal 1:

  • Eggs
  • Oatmeal with berries

Meal 2:

  • Chicken breast with brown rice

Meal 3:

  • Steak with sweet potato and vegetables

Favorite Snack

  • Protein Bar


In conclusion, Keanu Reeves, the highly regarded Canadian actor, earns admiration for his versatile roles, genuine personality, and exceptional acting skills.

Despite being 58 years old, he maintains a lean and athletic physique through a disciplined workout routine. Keanu actively performs his own action sequences, incorporating martial arts disciplines and circuit training into his regimen.

His dedication to fitness and a nutrient-rich diet contributes to his youthful appearance. By focusing on clean, freshly prepared meals and portion control, Keanu follows a healthy lifestyle.

He inspires others through his commitment to maintaining a balanced physique and overall well-being.

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