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Drake Workout Routine & Diet

As a fan of Drake, I’ve always been amazed not just by his singing but also by his impressive fitness. I wonder how he manages his training and his busy schedule, so to know how he trains, I started seeing his interviews and scrolling the internet.

By researching online, I came up with his workout regime and diet, which are of very good quality according to my professional experience as a personal trainer.

As you’re obviously a fan of Drake and curious to know his training routines, I have covered everything here for you, so Get ready to dive into some seriously informative insights about Drake’s workout routine and diet.

Don’t skip anything and keep reading to uncover all the details!

Drake Stats

Age36 years
Height6 feet (183 cm)
Weight89 kg (196 lbs)
DOBOctober 24, 1986
ProfessionRapper, Singer, Songwriter

Drake’s Workout Routine

Drake’s workout consists of a balanced mix of strength training and cardio exercises to help him stay fit and maintain his lean physique. He follows a 5-day workout routine.

Here is Drake’s workout schedule:

  1. Monday: Full Body strength
  2. Tuesday: Cardio and hoops
  3. Wednesday: Upperbody
  4. Thursday: Cardio
  5. Friday: Legs

Full Body Strength (Monday)

On Mondays, Drake does a full-body strength workout to kick-start his week on a strong note. The focus is on targeting multiple areas at once, sparking that all-important muscle growth and fat loss.

Here is Drake’s full-body strength workout routine:

Burpees38 to 10
Squats38 to 10
Deadlifts38 to 10
Push-ups38 to 10
Planks3to failure
Pull-ups38 to 10
Crunches3to failure
Hanging leg raises3to failure

Cardio and Basketball (Tuesday)

On Tuesdays, Drake focuses on getting his heart rate up with cardio exercises and also enjoys playing basketball.

Drake often includes activities like running, cycling, or using the elliptical machine to get his blood pumping and increase his stamina.

In addition to cardio, Drake loves playing hoops as a fun way to stay active. Basketball not only provides a full-body workout but also helps improve agility, coordination, and overall athleticism.

Upper Body (Wednesday)

On Wednesdays, Drake focuses on his upper body to build strength and definition. He includes a variety of exercises targeting major upper body muscle groups including his chest, back, shoulders, and arms.

Here is Drake’s upper body workout routine:

Barbell curls38 to 10
Incline bench press38 to 10
Weighted pull-ups38 to 10
Lat pulldowns38 to 10
Lateral raises38 to 10
Muscle-up38 to 10
Chest flys38 to 10

Cardio (Thursday)

On Thursdays, Drake dedicates his workout session to cardio exercises. He often incorporates high-intensity interval training (HIIT) into his cardio workouts.

This method not only boosts calorie burn during the workout but also continues to elevate metabolism even after the session is over.

By including regular cardio sessions in his exercise regimen, Drake ensures that he stays fit and maintains optimal cardiovascular health for his energetic performances on stage.

Lower Body (Friday)

On Friday, Drake does a lower-body workout session. In this session, he includes exercises that target his lower body muscles.

Here is Drake’s lower body workout routine:

Cable Kickbacks38 to 10
Squats38 to 10
Leg Curls38 to 10
Calf Raises38 to 10
Deadlifts38 to 10

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Rest

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Workout Principles

Drake’s personal trainer, Jonny Roxx, has shared some valuable insights about Drake’s workout and diet. According to Roxx, they incorporate a variety of exercises into Drake’s training regimen.

One of Drake’s favorite activities is playing basketball, which they do almost every day. Not only does it keep him active, but it also helps him stay fit.

Roxx mentioned that they include a mix of body-weight exercises like burpees and pull-ups, as well as weight training and cardio sessions, in Drake’s workouts.

To stay motivated during his training sessions, Drake listens to music, which adds an extra boost of energy.

As mentioned before, Drake works out five days a week, showcasing his unwavering commitment to fitness and sports as vital aspects of his journey.

Drake Diet

As someone who follows Drake and is interested in fitness, you might be curious about his diet principles. When it comes to eating, Drake believes in keeping things balanced and nutritious.

He focuses on consuming whole foods that are rich in nutrients and avoids processed snacks and sugary drinks. Additionally, he emphasizes portion control to maintain a healthy weight.

Jonny Roxx (Drake’s Coach) shared his love for Italian food. Not just Drake, but his whole team loves Italian food, so whenever they cheat, they eat some Italian food.

Here is Drake’s diet:

Meal 1: Breakfast

  • Four eggs
  • Oatmeal
  • Vegetables

Meal 2: Snack

  • Protein Bar or shake

Meal 3: Lunch:

  • Fish or Chicken
  • Stir-fried vegetables

Meal 4: Dinner 

  • Beef
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Leafy green salad

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Drake’s workout routine?

Drake follows a 5-day workout routine consisting of full-body strength, cardio and basketball, upper body, cardio, and lower body workouts.

Does Drake lift weights?

Yes, Drake incorporates weight lifting into his workout routine to build strength and definition.

How often does Drake exercise?

Drake exercises five days a week, The exact frequency may vary depending on his schedule and goals, but he generally prioritizes consistent physical activity to maintain his overall fitness level.


In conclusion, Drake’s commitment to fitness and maintaining a lean physique is evident in his well-rounded workout routine and balanced diet.

Incorporating strength training, cardio exercises, basketball, and a focus on whole foods, Drake showcases his dedication to staying fit and healthy.

With the guidance of his personal trainer, he combines various exercises and maintains portion control to achieve his goals.

Drake’s disciplined approach to fitness serves as an inspiration to his fans and demonstrates the importance of incorporating physical activity into a busy schedule.

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