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Cristiano Ronaldo Workout Routine and Diet

Cristiano Ronaldo is considered the greatest and most disciplined soccer player ever. The reason he is one of the best players even after crossing the age mark of 38 is his fitness.

If you want to know the secret behind his fitness, then let’s discover Cristiano Ronaldo workout routine and diet.

Cristiano Ronaldo Stats

Age38 years
Height6 feet 2 inches (187 cm)
Weight84 kg (184 lbs)
Chest43 inches
Waist33 inches
Biceps14 inches
Thighs24 inches

Cristiano Ronaldo Workout Routine

Cristiano Ronaldo follows a five-day workout routine.

He focuses on all major areas of individual fitness, like strength, endurance, speed, and agility.

He also gives his body enough rest and recovery time; he rests two days a week, on Tuesday and Saturday. He performs circuit training to enhance his performance.

Here is Cristiano Ronaldo’s Workout schedule.

  • Monday: Lower Body Circuit Training
  • Tuesday: Rest
  • Wednesday: Upper Body Circuit Training
  • Thursday: Cardio
  • Friday: Legs
  • Saturday: Rest
  • Sunday: Cardio 

Monday: Lower Body Circuit Training

On Monday, he performed lower-body circuit training. He performs all 5 exercises three times in a row.

Barbell Squat38
Box Jump (Height: 20 inches)310
Broad Jump38
Jumping Lunge38 (Reps per leg)
Lateral Bound (Distance: 12 inches)310

Tuesday: Rest and Recovery

Wednesday: Upper Body Circuit Training

On Wednesday, he performed upper-body circuit training. He performs these five exercises three times in a row as well. These exercises all target major upper body muscles.

Burpee Pull-up310-15
Bench Dips320
Medicine Ball Toss315
Push Press310

Thursday: Cardio

Power Cleans55 reps
Sprinting8200 meters

Friday: Legs

One-Arm Side Deadlift35 reps (each arm)
Dumbbell One-Legged Deadlift210 reps (each leg)
Knee Tuck Jump310-12 reps
Overhead Slam310-12 reps
One-Leg Barbell Squat25 reps
Hanging Leg Raise310-15 reps

Saturday: Rest and Recovery

Sunday: Cardio

Rope Jumping10AMRAP
Resistance Sprinting1050 meters

Cristiano Ronaldo Soccer Routine

After hitting the gym or completing all his exercises, Cristiano heads towards his soccer drills to improve his game. Although he is a very senior player, he never misses any gym or practice sessions.
Here are all the drills Cristian does to improve his game.

1. Dribbling Drills: Ronaldo practices controlling the ball with precise touches at different speeds, focusing on close control and quick changes of direction.

2. Shooting Drills: He works on shooting from different angles and distances to improve accuracy, power, and technique.

3. Passing Drills: Ronaldo practices different types of passes, aiming to enhance accuracy and decision-making in delivering effective passes to teammates.

4. Agility and Footwork Drills: He does exercises to improve quickness and maneuverability, using ladder drills, cone drills, and agility ladder exercises to enhance coordination and speed.

5. Heading Drills: Ronaldo practices timing his jumps, positioning, and generating power in headers.

6. Small-Sided Games: He participates in small-sided games to develop decision-making, teamwork, and tactical awareness in a competitive setting.

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Workout Principle

Cristiano Ronaldo is a true example of work ethic and discipline. He workouts for 3–4 hours a day and never misses a session.

He starts his day by hitting the gym, then moves on to practice sessions where he indulges in soccer drills to improve his game.

He is strict with his workout time and always workouts at the same time.

He avoids any type of sugary drink and focuses a lot on hydration during his workouts or practice sessions.

He is also a family man and spends enough quality time with his family on rest days.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s success goes beyond just being physically prepared.

A big part of his achievements is his strong mental strength. He has unwavering determination, incredible focus, and a competitive spirit that is unmatched.

Cristiano Ronaldo Diet

Ronaldo follows a well-planned diet to support his intense training routine. Ronaldo follows a carefully crafted nutrition plan, a balanced diet rich in lean proteins, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats.

These components are crucial for providing his body with the necessary fuel to perform at its best. Additionally, Ronaldo pays attention to staying properly hydrated and timing his nutrient intake strategically.

This ensures that his body gets the right nutrients at the right times, optimizing his performance.

Ronaldo stays very far away from any type of junk or processed food; he follows clean eating and only freshly cooked meals. He avoids sugary beverages.

Here is Cristiano Ronaldo’s diet plan:


  • Egg whites
  • Whole-grain cereal
  • Fruit juice


  • Chicken with salad
  • Whole-wheat pasta
  • Green veggies
  • Baked potato

Evening Snack:

  • Fruit juice/lemon juice
  • Tuna roll


  • Chicken breasts
  • Rice with pulses and Beans
  • Fruits


In conclusion, Cristiano Ronaldo, the greatest soccer player, owes his success to his fitness, mental strength, and balanced diet.

He follows a rigorous workout routine, focusing on strength, endurance, speed, and agility. Ronaldo never misses a training session and engages in soccer drills to improve his skills.

His clean eating approach and avoidance of junk food contribute to his performance.

Overall, Ronaldo’s dedication and commitment to physical and mental excellence make him an exceptional athlete.

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