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Sara Saffari Workout Routine

Sara Saffari is a viral fitness girl. When I first saw her in my feed, I thought she was just a fitness social media influencer, and when I looked deep into her profile, I found she’s also a very young fitness trainer.

Honestly, I was amazed by her chiseled abs that she greatly flexed in her videos. So, If you’re a fan of hers and want to know how she trains and eats, I have done this research for you.

This article discusses Sara Saffari workout routine and diet, which helps them stay fit and maintain her chiseled abs.

Sara Saffari Stats

NameSara Saffari
Age:22 years
Height:5 feet 5 inches (165 cm)
Weight:60 kg (133 lbs)
Date of Birth:February 27, 2001
Profession:Fitness Trainer and Social Media Influencer

Sara Saffari Workout Routine

Sara follows a 6-day push/pull/legs workout routine and does 3-4 sets of each exercise.

Here is Sara Saffari’s workout routine:

Monday: Push (Chest, Shoulder, and Triceps)

Sara Saffari’s push workout on Monday focused on her chest, shoulders, and triceps.

Exercise Sets Reps
Incline Chest Press 4 8-10
Dumbbell Shoulder Press 4 10-12
Lateral Raises 3 10-12
Pec-Deck Fly 3 10-12
Tricep Pushdown 3 10-12
Bar Dips 2 AMRAP*
*AMRAP – As Many Reps As Possible

Tuesday: Pull (back and biceps)

Sara Saffari focused on her back during her Tuesday pull workout. She includes rear deltoids and biceps as well.

Exercise Sets Reps
Lat Pulldown 4 8-12
One-Arm Dumbbell Row 3 8-12
Seated Rowing 3 10-12
Rear Delt Fly 3 12
Dumbbell Curls 3 10-12
Hammer Curls 3 10-12

Wednesday: Legs (Quads, Hamstrings, Glutes and Calves)

Sara Saffari worked on her quadriceps and hamstrings on Wednesday. She also worked on her glutes and calve muscles.

Exercise Sets Reps
Leg Extension 4 10-12
Squats 3 8-10
Leg Press 3 10-12
Leg Curls 3 10-12
Hip Thrust 3 8-10
Calf Raises 3 15

Thursday: Push (Shoulder, Chest, and Triceps)

On Thursday, Sara continued her same push workout routine but slightly put more focus on her shoulders.

Friday: Pull (Back and Biceps)

On Friday, Sara continues to follow her same pull workout routine.

Saturday: Legs

On Saturday, Sara follows her same leg workout routine but puts slightly more emphasis on the hamstrings.

Sunday: Rest

Sara Saffari Abs Workout Routine

Exercise Sets Reps/Duration
Hanging Leg Raises 3 15 reps
Ab Wheel Rollout 3 10 reps
Russian Twists 3 15 reps
Planks 3 1-minute holds

Sara Saffari Workout Principles

Sara Saffari is a fitness trainer who knows a lot about training and eating well. She likes to workout 6 days a week and includes one rest day for rest and recovery.

She follows a workout routine called push, pull, leg (PPL) that’s great for working out all the muscles in less time.

PPL helps her focus on different muscle groups each day. Sara also works on her abs regularly, which gives her those awesome chiseled abs.

She’s even mastered a tough pose called stomach vacuuming.

Even though she’s young and hasn’t been training for long, she’s made incredible progress thanks to her dedication and hard work.

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Some Exciting Facts about Sara Saffari

  • Sara Saffari is a renowned fitness trainer and social media influencer based in the USA.
  • At just 22 years old, she has amassed a massive following on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.
  • Her incredible physique, featuring strong abs and a slim figure, has captured the admiration of her followers.
  • Sara boasts an impressive social media presence with over 2 million Instagram followers, 1.2 million TikTok followers, and over 1 million YouTube subscribers.
  • Through her engaging content, she shares fun videos showcasing her lifestyle and workout routines.
  • Sara has become a fitness icon and serves as an inspirational role model for many individuals seeking a healthy lifestyle.


Sara Saffari, a 22-year-old fitness trainer and social media influencer, has gained immense popularity for her chiseled abs and dedication to fitness. Her workout routine follows a 6-day push/pull/legs (PPL) split, focusing on different muscle groups each day.

Alongside her impressive physique, she regularly works on her abs, showcasing exercises like stomach vacuuming.

With millions of followers on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, Sara has become a fitness icon, inspiring many with her hard work and commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

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