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Alex Eubank Workout Plan

Before we get into the Alex Eubank workout Plan, let us know a little bit about this guy, who is currently trending on social media. 

Alex Eubank is an American fitness and lifestyle social media influencer who is well-known for his Greek god physique, workout splits, lifestyle, and the way he motivates his followers.

 Alex Eubank is currently popular among teenagers and young gym goers, who are referred to as “gymrats” or “gymbros.” 

Even I admire Alex Eubank, when I saw his transformation journey, it was just genuinely inspirational. I respect his work ethic and mindset toward a healthy lifestyle.

He has over 2.7m Instagram followers, is about to reach 1m YouTube subscribers, and has over 2.7m TikTok followers.

Alex Eubank Statistics

Age23 Years
Birthday23 May, 2000
Height5 feet 9 inches (1.75m)
Weight78 to 80kg (173–177 pounds)
ProfessionFitness and Lifestyle Social Media Influencer

Alex Eubank Workout Plan

Alex incorporates a range of moderate to heavy weights during his lifting sessions to enhance his strength and promote muscle growth.

He intelligently selects weights that present a challenge, pushing his limits without sacrificing proper form and technique.

Here is the Alex Eubank’s weekly workout routine:

Monday, Day 1: Chest and Back

Exercises NameSetsReps
Pec deck fly0215
Straight arm Pulldowns 0215
Incline dumbbell bench press0512
Bent over rows0512
Flat bench press0410
Wide grip pulldowns0412
Cable flys high to low0412
Underhand pulldowns0410

Tuesday, Day 2: Shoulder, Biceps, & Triceps

Exercises Name Sets Reps
Lateral raises 05 15-20
Dumbell shoulder press 05 12
Rear delt cable fly 03 15
Barbell curls 05 12
Barbell Skull Crushers 05 12
Cable hammer curls 05 12
Close grip bench 05 12

Wednesday, Day 3: Legs

Exercises Name Sets Reps
Leg extension 04 15
Barbell squats 05 12
Leg press 04 15
Leg curl 04 12
Seated calf raises 04 15

Thursday, Day 4: Chest and Back

Exercises Name Sets Reps
Seated cable row (wide grip) 04 15
Flat Dumbbell bench 04 12
Seated cable row (close grip) 04 12
Plate-loaded bench incline 04 12
Close grip pulldowns 04 10
Cable fly high to low 04 10
Straight arm pulldowns 03 12
Pushups 03 Until Failure

Friday, Day 5: Shoulder, Biceps, & Triceps

Exercises Name Sets Reps
Seated lateral raises 05 15-20
Smith machine shoulder press 05 12
Upright rows 03 12
Db curls alternate 05 12
Straight bar extension 05 12
Cable barbell curls 05 12
Db skullcrusher 05 12

Saturday, Day 6: Legs

Exercises Name Sets Reps
Leg curls 04 12-15
Deadlifts 05 12
Leg press 04 12-15
Leg extension 04 12
Standing calf raises 04 12-15

Sunday, Day 7: Rest Day

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Is Alex Eubank’s Workout Plan right for you?

Everyone wants a physique like Alex Eubank’s, but the question is whether Alex Eubank workout Plan is right for you. We’ll divide this into two parts: advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Alex Eubank’s Workout Plan

Alex Eubank is an advanced-level fitness enthusiast who has been involved in fitness for many years and is also very consistent. We can tell by looking at his workout split that he is a very experienced and knowledgeable fitness professional.

His workout consists of hypertrophy and muscle endurance training, which are both excellent for muscle building and lean muscle mass. If you want to look like a Greek god, his workout split is ideal. 

Alex Eubank Workout Plan

Disadvantages of Alex Eubank’s Workout Plan

as, As I previously stated, Alex Eubank is an advanced-level fitness enthusiast. He split his workout according to his skill level.

His workout split is unquestionably intense and is only useful for intermediate and advanced gym goers; any beginner who attempts to follow his workout split may injure themselves.

We recommend that you only follow his workout split if you have been a consistent gym goer for at least 2 years. Otherwise, learn the basics, get used to the training, and then give it a try after some time. It is a very intense workout split and may not work for you. 

Alex Eubank 12-week Greek God workout program

Alex Eubank also designed a 12-week Greek God Workout program. This is not a workout for beginners. Only try to follow this program if you’ve been going to the gym for at least two years. To avoid injuries, perform 10–15 minutes of good warm-up exercises and stretches.

Is Alex Eubank natural?

Alex Eubank has a very attractive Greek god type physique, and many people do not believe that someone is not using drugs or steroids after seeing his physique.

But that is not always the case; Alex Eubank has been going to the gym for almost 5 years and is open about his diet, workout, and lifestyle.

Alex Eubank is natural; he was able to achieve that Greek god physique through hard work and consistency; remember that it just didn’t happen in a single night, month, or year.


Alex Eubank is very young and currently one of the most trending social media fitness influencers. He has a huge fan following on platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.

Alex Eubank workout is basically a 6-day workout split. On Monday, he trains chest and back; on Tuesday, he trains shoulder, biceps, and triceps; on Wednesday, he trains quads, hamstrings, and calves; on Thursday, he trains back and chest; on Friday, he trains shoulder, biceps, and triceps; and on Saturday, he trains quads, hamstrings, and calves.

He has also designed a 12-week Greek God workout program. A beginner should not follow Alex Eubank’s workout split; only intermediate and advanced gym goers can follow his workout split.

Alex Eubank indeed has a natural physique, and it didn’t happen in one day, month, or year; it was years of hard work and consistency. Alex Eubank has been into fitness for around 5 years.


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