Chris Bumstead Premium Workout Guide (The Secrets)

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Chris Bumstead – “Champion Mentality”

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the secrets of cbum workout the secrets of cbum workout

the secrets of cbum workouts the secrets of cbum workouts


  • 15+ CBUM workouts
  • Chris Bumstead’s Favorite Exercises
  • 15 custom workouts created by thesigmafitness, including CBUM favorite exercises
  • All workouts are created using the hypertrophy method, which is great for muscle building.
  • Results are guaranteed if you perform these workouts for at least 4 weeks.


  • Before attempting any of the workouts showcased in this e-book, make sure you warm up for at least 10–15 minutes.
  • If you have problems performing any of the exercises mentioned in the e-book, consult with your gym trainer.
  • For beginners, do every workout under the guidance of the trainer.
  • All forms of exercise are susceptible to injury, if not performed correctly.
  • Attempt these workouts on your own responsibility; we are not responsible if you face any injury.

Who is CBUM?

Chris Bumstead, widely known as “CBUM,” is one of the most popular bodybuilder of this era. You might even have seen his video on Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube, but if you don’t know who he is, we’ll tell you. Chris Bumstead is a professional bodybuilder and four-time Classic Physique Champion.

The majority of his fans are young adults who look up to him and want to emulate his physique, but we all know that doing so is nearly impossible for the average person because he is a professional bodybuilder and an enhanced athlete. Still, people love to follow him and his workouts. He’s well-known for his insane strength,  as well as his frequent deadlifts and squats.

In this E-book

The book “The Secrets of CBUM Workout” is a complete extract of all Cbum workouts available on the Internet. In this book, you’ll find and get to know deeply about Cbum workouts. We’ve covered every single major muscle group, including the chest, back, legs, shoulders, biceps, and triceps.

You’ll also find out which exercises are Chris Bumstead’s favorites and which ones he likes to do the most. You’ll get free workout plans for beginner, intermediate, and advanced gym freaks from us, and we’ve also added Chris Bumstead’s favorite exercise to every workout plan we’ve created.

Muscle Groups

  • Chest
  • Back
  • Legs
  • Shoulder
  • Arms


Chris Bumstead is immensely famous for his side chest pose, and you can tell why by looking at the image. His chest is magnificent; just look at the striations on his right chest. His chest has the perfect thickness and width. I mean, clearly, the chest is our favorite muscle group. The reason for this is simple: when we look in the mirror, the first thing we see is our chest.

A great chest can increase your self-esteem like nothing else. In this e-book we’ll reveal the secrets of the CBUM Workouts for chest. We’ll show you his four chest workouts, tell you his favorite chest exercises, and then create a customized chest workout plan based on your fitness level that includes Chris Bumstead’s favorite chest exercises.


Chris Bumstead is well-known for his enormous back. If you know Chris Bumstead, you’ll understand what I mean. One of the most complete and best backs in bodybuilding history. On his back, you can see every single one of his back muscles. Chris has a really impressive V-Taper due to his narrow waste.

Having this type of V-taper makes your back wider and larger. His lats are well developed, and it’s difficult to have a back like this even with the use of steroids. Let us now return to Chris Bumstead’s secrets. let me tell in one line to get back like CBUM ” Do more rowing moment”. To find out why, keep reading and you’ll see what I mean.


Alright, we’ve finished Cbum workouts for chest and back. His chest and back are genetically dominant, although many bodybuilders have highly dominant chests and backs. What sets Chris apart or makes him the best in the world is his overall body, including his fully formed legs. He has one of the best legs in his category: very large, crisp, to the point, and incredibly attractive.

In classic phsyique, they are the legs that everyone wants to see. Now, we’ve overloaded Chris with his legs, but what you don’t realize is that Chris works extremely hard on growing his legs; he trains his legs frequently, and he gives his all while he’s training those gigantic legs. Let us now learn about his workouts.


The wide shoulders are the second-most attractive body part of a male body after the abs. If someone has incredibly good genetics but weak shoulders, trust me, no one will like that. When we say “the Chris Bumstead,” we are referring to the ideal shoulder shape: broad, massive, and perfectly rounded.

This is the ideal shoulder shape for a man. Shoulders have three heads, or you can say three parts (anterior, posterior, and lateral). Chris has complete shoulders, meaning he has developed every one of the three heads of the shoulders. He has great shoulder genetics as well. You need wide shoulders and huge shoulders as well.

CBUM workouts for shoulders have been extracted for you. You can’t copy his workouts completely, but you can use some of his exercises in your own routine.

Depending on your fitness level, we’ve made different shoulder workout plans that include Chris Bumstead’s favorite shoulder exercises. If you do the workouts we’ve made for you every day, you’re sure to get the results you want.


Chris believes his biggest weakness is his arms. Without a question, one of the most desired muscular parts for a man is his arms. Arms and chest are the most desirable muscular groups for a male. If one lacks even one of these, he feels terrible. Chris Bumstead does not have the strongest arm genetics, but he works hard to improve arm size and conditioning.

Chris’s triceps are terrific, but his biceps are lacking in peak that a boydbuilder’s biceps should have. To be fair, I’m framing this through the lens of a boydbuilder; for a regular gym goer, his arms are even superior. Chris’s weakest point is his arms, yet he never gives up because he has a winning attitude.

He works incredibly hard on his arms, as you’ll see when we show his arm workouts following that. We didn’t include biceps and triceps separately because we believe that in today’s world, no one trains biceps and triceps alone; instead, they train them as part of a chest or back workout or as part of a whole arms workout. “A man should have muscular arms.”


The secrets of cbum workouts is an e-book that contains over 15+ cbum workout routines and CBUM favorite exercises, as well as 15+ customized programs created by Sigma Fitness that include cbum favorite exercises. This e-book goes through all of the major muscular parts, including the chest, back, legs, shoulders, biceps, and triceps.

I guarantee you will see results if you stick to this training regimen for at least 4 weeks.

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